Oh the places I've been...

Anyone who says that it's too late to change or they are too old to try something new; never met me! The second half of my life is when the real adventures began. I don't want to take anything away from the first half..especially my three daughters Rachel, Erica, and Alyssa, however the last few years are where I really started living! So this is where I begin, literally and figuratively with my stories and pictures.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Australia was more lush and beautiful than I expected. The cost of food and lack of service were also a surprise. What struck me most was the lack of identity of the Aussie people. After Egypt and India it seemed like the one thing I missed most..of course exclusive of the aboriginal people..the locals didn't seem to have a strong cultural identity. Sydney was a city filled with life on the weekends..Cairnes and the Reef were amazing. Uluru and Kitna Tjunta at sunrise and sunset were a memory made in heaven :

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