Oh the places I've been...

Anyone who says that it's too late to change or they are too old to try something new; never met me! The second half of my life is when the real adventures began. I don't want to take anything away from the first half..especially my three daughters Rachel, Erica, and Alyssa, however the last few years are where I really started living! So this is where I begin, literally and figuratively with my stories and pictures.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Memories of May

May is almost always my time to venture Europe along with all of the other tourists! This May I'm in the States because Rachel is getting married! Venice is a spot I've enjoyed (of course with the rest of beautiful Italy) many times. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast two places I highly recommend. Did you know that Italy is the most visited country in the world? I can vouch for why it is a must have on your travel bucket list. If you should happen to find yourself in Tuscany there is an American cemetery outside Florence that you absolutely must take the drive to see- bring tissues it is a very emotional visit to see the final resting ground of those that lost their lives in WWII and their families decided to leave them to rest on the beautiful countryside of Italy. I chose a few photos to entice you to visit one of my favorite destinations- Italy!